• What comes in the sunglass pack?

It depends on what pack you buy. In both the 5-lens pack and the 1-lens pack you will get the sunglasses with a colored lens, a case, a cloth, a pouch and the Myopia frame. But the 5-lens pack includes four extra lenses, so you have lenses for any kind of weather.

  • Can I change lenses?

Yes, you can easily change between lenses. If you want to change lenses, just follow our guides here:

  • Will the sunglasses fit my face?

Yes - almost certainly! The frame is made of durable and bendable TR90 material, and it is face-fitting to almost any face shape or size. 

  • Why are the glasses so cheap?

We work directly with our supplier and therefore we can skip several steps in the supply chain. We also want to provide as many cyclist with a great pair of cycling glasses without the need to focus on profits. As a result, we can offer high quality products at an extremely fair price. 


  • Do Attaac offer sponsorships or promotions?

Yes. However, being sponsored is a privilege and responsibility. It is not for everyone, and unfortunately, sponsorship cannot be offered to all that request this support. As a sponsored athlete or event, you are expected to promote our beautiful sport and our products. But feel free to contact us about the possibilities regarding sponsorship opportunities if you are serious about promoting and being an ambassador for our sport and Attaac.


  • How long are shipping times?

Your products will ship within four days of your order, and then take up to two-three weeks to reach your doorstep. Each product at Attaac has an estimated delivery time that you can find in the product description.

  • Can I track my order?

Yes. You can track your order on our website by using our Track your order page: Use your Attaac order number and your email address to check the status of you order.

  • What's your return policy?

Instead of returning items, you can contact us for a full refund. Why? Returns run counter to our emphasis on sustainability: every return has a carbon footprint. So just tell us what went wrong, send along a pic, and we’ll give you your money back in full. Then, if possible, you can donate your product to a local charity or recycle it.

  • Can I cancel my order?

Cancelations are possible if you do not receive your package within the timeframe specified for each individual product. Sometimes orders get sent out before we can process the cancelation. So if you cancel your order but still receive the package, then please go ahead and do one of three things: recycle it, donate it, or enjoy it.

  • What happens if I receive the wrong item?

If there’s an issue with your order - if it is the wrong color, defective, or otherwise not exactly what you wanted - then simply notify us, and we’ll give you a refund. You won’t be asked to ship the product back to us.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: